Secretary Chu Reaffirms Argument Against Affirmative Action

By John W. Lillpop

Progressives who worship at the altar of diversity were thrilled when Barack Obama rejected the notion of using background, experience, education, intelligence, and competence as measuring sticks for filling key posts in his administration.

Indeed, Obama brought change on a grand scale by using race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and ‘capacity for compassion’ as criteria for deciding whom to nominate for his cabinet, to serve on the Supreme Court, and for other important government functions.

The Obama Diversity Initiative removed a great deal of the subjectivity from the selection process and, when combined with appropriate quotas, seemed sure to make life in America more fair.

More fair, that is, for those who were viewed as ‘underrepresented’ in the Marxist formulation of quotas.

The president’s administration, we were told, would look like America!

All of which sounds grand, but which ultimately fell tragically short of reality.

Under the Obama diversity scam, America has been saddled with the likes of Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Ken Salazar, Hillary Clinton, Lisa Jackson, Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, and Ron Kirk, each and every one of whom is actively contributing to the decline and fall of our once-great nation.

Timothy Geithner would be included were it not for his lily-white skin and blue eyes. Even so, the man is a dismal incompetent and should be sent packing immediately.

And let us not forget the name of Dr. Steven Chu, alleged Secretary of Energy, when citing the dangers of using affirmative action quotas for recruiting purposes.

Indeed, in testimony before Congress on November 17 concerning the Solyndra scandal, Dr. Chu made brutally clear the full extent to which affirmative action and the obsession with diversity have failed America.

Chu demonstrated an amazing lack of knowledge about communications within his own department, claiming to be unaware of red flags and warnings about the prudence of granting the Solyndra loan.

The Secretary also denied that politics played any role in his final decision to approve the loan; the fact that President Obama was chopping at the bit to fly out to Fremont, California to herald the great success of Solyndra for the evening news headlines was NOT a factor in funding the loan, said he.

Most distressing, Secretary Chu was tragically cavalier in his attitude: He saw no need to apologize to the American taxpayers for the loss of $540 million dollars, and he offered none.

Like most progressives, Secretary Chu has very little regard or respect for taxpayers and their money, and chafes at the notion that he, an intellectual elitist, should be held accountable for his management of our money.

When it comes to insensitive and incompetent bureaucrats like Steven Chu, America needs to clean house and retool.

God willing, we the people will do just that come November, 2012.


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