NASCAR Fans BOO Michelle Obama: Vulgar Racism?


 By John W. Lillpop

Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were greeted with a lusty chorus of boos when their names were announced as Grand Marshals of the NASCAR season finale on Sunday. (See Reference 1).

Liberals will no doubt scream “Racism” in denouncing the rude greeting; however, the robust fan reaction was really about three years of failed governance at the hands of Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama was merely a symbol of the national anger and frustration with her husband and the following:

Marxist policies designed to transform America into a fascist nanny- state run by leftist elitists; Anti-business policies and rhetoric which discourage the creation of jobs by private enterprise, and which perpetuate economic recession rather than growth;

Repeated denigration of the American people by the President when meeting with foreign leaders;

Policies which promote class warfare so as to divide Americans for political advantage;

Refusal to enforce immigration laws and aggressive legal action against sovereign states that choose to protect their citizens from illegal invasions by foreigners;

Commission and cover-up of deadly serious scandals such as Fast and Furious and the reckless, irresponsible and perhaps criminal mismanagement of taxpayer funds as in the Solyndra issue;

Foreign policy initiatives and rhetoric which signal to the world that America is no longer interested in being Number 1; and

Promotion of the notion that American Exceptionalism is a myth from the past, and implementation of policies that will lead to the decline and fall of the greatest nation on earth.

NASCAR fans were NOT booing Michelle because of her skin color or any other personal attribute of the FLOTUS; rather they were voicing their intense displeasure with the failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama!


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