LA Mayor Villaraigosa: “Trampled Grass” Trumps Economic Justice!

By John W. Lillpop

Like most liberal mayors, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is in a severe conundrum: In his inner Marxist-self, Villaraigosa feels deep sympathy for the “Occupy” brothers and sisters whom have brought their anti-American and anti-business signs, chants, and filth to LA.

On the other hand, Villaraigosa IS the mayor and, by virtue of that unfortunate fact, is expected to maintain minimum levels of cleanliness and sanitation in accordance with prevailing American standards for assuring public health and safety.

What to do?

How to keep the Occupy renegades appeased while preventing City Hall Park from being transformed into one huge out- door public toilet, open to wild animals and Occupy whackos alike?

In keeping with his credentials as a “green freak” with a brown streak, Villaraigosa decided that his best chance for a win-win was to pull out the tried and proven “Trampled Grass” ploy.

As described at the reference, in part:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a lengthy tribute to Occupy LA protesters on Friday before telling them they must leave their encampment on the lawn of City Hall by 12:01 a.m. Monday, citing public health and safety concerns.

Villaraigosa, who has expressed sympathy for the protest’s aims from its beginning seven weeks ago, announced the ouster at an afternoon news conference with police Chief Charlie Beck. He said the movement that has spread in two months from New York to numerous other U.S. cities has “awakened the country’s conscience” – but also trampled grass at City Hall that must be restored.”

Devilishly clever as always, the mayor acted with confidence that, given the knot-headed “Green Fetish” which runs rampant in LA, the Occupy rowdies would immediately embrace his spiritual priority which holds that untrampled grass is far more important that “awakening the country’s conscience” with regard to economic justice.

It now appears that Villaraigosa may have significantly overestimated the value that untrampled grass holds for some.

As continued, in part, at the reference:

Outside City Hall, Occupy LA protester Opamago Casciani, 20, said he found the Mayor’s priorities insulting, and he intends to continue demonstrating peacefully through the deadline.

In response to the Mayor’s comments, Casciani said “What I got from it is `I value grass more than the people.'”

Immediately after the mayor announced the deadline, protester Jeremy Rothe-Kushel who was in the audience among the reporters, interrupted him, shouting that the group would not obey the order.

“As a collective, Occupy Los Angeles would like to express their rejection of the city of Los Angeles’s alleged proposal that we leave City Hall,” said Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, who said he represented the general assembly of Occupy LA and interrupted both Villaraigosa and Beck throughout the news conference.”

Once again, the mindless pandering of a liberal authority to Occupy thugs back fires and serves only to make a bad situation worse.

Time for Mayor Villaraigosa to abandon the “play nice” idiocy and get tough.

After all, tt is Villaraigosa’s job to protect the health and safety of the entire LA population, rather than catering to the thugs and malcontents–the 1%— that bring only filth and chaos to the city.


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