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America Is Back, Mr. President?

25.1.12   By John W. Lillpop How in the world President Obama mustered up the chutzpah to stand before a Joint Session of Congress and 300 million Americans via television and declare, “America is back!” during his State of the … Continue reading

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Tewbow Mauling Proves that God Is Dead: Right?

  By John W. Lillpop Tim Tewbow’s improbable fairytale season came to a screeching halt on Saturday at the hands of the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Mass. Rather than the all-enthralling nail biter that had been promised, the Tom … Continue reading

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Finally Seeing Dark at End of Tunnel, “Zany” Newt Retreats!

  By John W. Lillpop Mitt Romney recently referred to Newt Gingrich, at one point a formidable Romney opponent, as “zany.” According to the dictionary, zany means, “one who plays the clown or fool in order to amuse others; a … Continue reading

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More Egregious: Bane of Bain, or “Fast and Furious”?

   By John W. Lillpop Thanks to Newt Gingrich and those who have funded his latest maniac episode, the Republican Party and Mitt Romney are being forced to defend themselves from attacks against the very concept of free-market capitalism. Republicans … Continue reading

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Open Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown: Illegal Aliens and the State Budget Deficit

    January 9, 2012 Dear Governor; The new calendar year has barely rolled out and already California faces yet another multi-billion dollar deficit in the state budget. In order to deal with the deficit, you have asked taxpayers to … Continue reading

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Why in Bloody Hell Would Anyone “Celebrate” Another Birthday?

  By John W. Lillpop In the way of disclosure,  January 7 is my birthday. The year of my arrival is irrelevant. Besides, I am bitterly opposed to the evil practice of age discrimination; withholding the year of my birth … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Resolutions for 2012

  John W. Lillpop President Obama has had a very rough 2011. To start with, he turned 50 in August and, by the end of the year, he looked and felt 85. Only Muammar Gaddafi had a worse year, but … Continue reading

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