America Is Great Because of Government Bureaucrats, Regulations, and Taxes???

By John W. Lillpop


As President Obama’s presidential campaign fails to dispose of challenger Republican Mitt Romney, the President’s grasp on reality and decency seem in serious decline.

This is the same president whom has called for a toning down of rhetoric so as to maintain a level of “civility;” an undefined term, but which probably means less critical of Obama and progressive excesses.

Scoffing at the idea of civility within his own campaign, Obama has defended campaign staffers who implied that, because of inconsistent dating of SEC documents, Mitt Romney might have committed a felony crime.

Felony? That is a pretty serious charge, Mr. President.

And it ain’t particularly civil either!

Any proof whatsoever? Is the Obama DOJ pursuing criminal action against Romney, or is this just another baseless attack based on nothing but an overwhelming desire to give Barack Obama another four years in which to destroy America?

Obama’s latest assault on American values in his contention that business entrepreneurs succeed, not because of individual drive, initiative or brilliance, but because of the government’s role, such as taxes, regulations, and interference from know-nothing bureaucrats—like himself.


Truth is Barack Obama is not qualified to work in private enterprise because he lacks a fundamental understanding of how money works and how businesses succeed.


He simply does not understand business or profit!

Remember Solyndra, that pathetic failure which cost American tax payers more than $500 million dollars?

The Solyndra fiasco was a product of Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of the Department of Energy, a progressive thinker who has testified that he considers it a noble calling of the government to ‘increase’ the price of gasoline at the pump.

THAT is good for America?

Other examples are plentiful: The awful failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the 2008 economic collapse, the financially bankrupt Medicare and Social Security programs which will cost the nation trillions in bailouts.

Consider the soon-to- be -exposed farce of ObamaCare, and it is clear that government is clueless about running businesses, and needs to get the hell out of the way of private leaders.

Barack Obama has never held a job in private business, or met a payroll, in his life.

Worse of all, Obama and his Marxist cronies consider PROFIT to be evil, greedy and inhuman.

Yet he gladly rakes in hundreds of millions from donors who get their money as a result of profit in private businesses.

Question: How in the hell did America elect this left wing malcontent to the Presidency to begin with?


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