Obama “Bounce” Corrected, R & O Now About Even: Sales of Valium and Guns Plunge!


By John W. Lillpop

Following Monday’s string of published polls that showed Barack Obama in a position to inflict four more years of choreographed ruin on America and the 300 million or so of We the People looking for restoration of the American Dream and a return to sanity, just the thought of four more years of Obama had caused sales of valium and guns to soar from coast-to-coast.

In Red states run by Republican governors, state bosses tried to ease widespread panic and head-off mass suicides plotted by frightened patriot groups. Red Cross and National Guard resources were put on full alert and told to expect the worse.

In Blue states run by communists and near communists, leftist bosses welcomed the warnings as signs of better days to come.

However, when dawn arrived this morning, it had all slowed down and the Obama “bounce” was corrected to portray the Obama gain as it really was:

A swell of support from illegal aliens, felons, sleeper cells, welfare and food-stamp frauds, and people long since dead and buried. In other words, the typical gang of dim-wits and anti-American losers who always come out in huge numbers for anyone will a D next to their name!

It’s known by clinicians and objective political scientists as the ENTITLEMENT BIAS and it is very popular among mainstream reporters and editors who use it to make Polls reflect their tattered values.

After the poll numbers were revised to reflect “Likely voters” and remove the ENTITLEMENT BIAS factor, R and O were essentially even!

As reported at the Reference:

Today, ABC News/Washington Post released a poll showing a virtual dead heat between Obama and Romney. The survey was conducted September 7-9 among adults with sub-samples of registered and likely voters.
Obama does show a convention bounce gain among registered voters, with a 6% advantage over Romney. In other words, Obama has more support among voters who are probably not going to vote. A more accurate assessment of likely voters have the candidates tied with no bounce: Obama registers with 49% of the vote and Romney at 48%.

The ABC/WaPo likely voter numbers stand in direct contrast to the rather bizarre poll released by CNN yesterday. In that survey, CNN showed Obama up over Romney at 52% to 46% among likely voters. But with a sample of likely voters that included only 4% independent voters, the results are highly suspect.”

Whew! That was what I would term a scary near-death experience!

Evidence of the veracity of the revised poll was confirmed by pharmacists and gun shop owners who report a plunge in the sales of valium and guns!

Now its on to November 6, and VICTORY for America, and to hell with illegal aliens, felons, sleeper cells, and people long since dead and buried.

Let’s go, Mitt! Its all up to you!



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