This Is War: Romney Must “Double-Down” over Next 29 Days!

By John W. Lillpop

Gloom and despair among conservatives has given way to cautious optimism and muted joy. This because Mitt Romney administered an aggressive “teaching moment” to amateur Obama,  and the polls, long the bane of Republicans hoping for a revived America, show that momentum has shifted toward Romney in a big way.

Great stuff.

Still, there are 29 days left to go before election day. 29 days is a long time when dealing with a bitterly envious Marxist, ego maniac who has hundreds of millions of dollars (much from China!) in the bank AND who has the love and devotion of a duplicitous mainstream media completely unconcerned about fairness and objectivity.

Journalism standards be damned! The liberal mainstream media wants Obama reelected and to hell with what is best for America.

Which is why Romney must take a deep breath, close his eyes, block premature visions of glory and power from his mind, and prepare for the most vicious and violent 29 days of his life. Wusses need not apply!

He will be assaulted from every leftist post on the planet and must be prepared to respond in kind.

If Obama brings a gun to the fray, Romney must bring two RPGs and a battalion of tanks!

It’s called Killer Instinct and it is what separates the men from the boys when the game is on the line.

Take no prisoners, give nothing away. If your enemy gives up a foot, take two miles and keep forging ahead.

Sounds like war?

Patriots, this IS war! War being waged for the future of America and the world.

For now, save the parties, celebrations, and joy for another day.

This is war and losing is not an option!


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