With Any Luck, Barack Obama Will Be Impeached Before Being Re-Inaugurated!

By John W. Lillpop
On Friday, former CIA Director David Patreaus testified before Congress and, in so doing, made even muddier the waters swirling around the September 11 Benghazi slaughter, and the peculiar behavior by the Obama administration in response to the so-called ‘spontaneous’ terrorist attack.

Patreaus, his boy-scout, squeaky- clean image sullied by an acknowledged romantic frolic with his erstwhile biographer, she who hails to the name Paula Broadwell, stood the world on its collective head when he testified, under oath, that the talking points “presented” to the world by UN Ambassador Susan Rice on September 16, were, in fact, edited to tone down inferences that Al-Quaeda was involved in the Benghazi massacre.

Al-Quaeda, it will be remembered by those who have been paying attention, are those angry, young, Middle-eastern males who, according to President Obama, were driven back to their 7th century caves as a result of Obama’s foreign policy prowess, and were, therefore, no longer viable players in the terrorism trade.

Obama was adamant in declaring that, under his leadership, the war on terror had been won.

However, the Patreaus revelation immediately raises questions, such as: Who changed the talking points?

Like: Are you serious?

We Americans should have learned by now that Barack Obama is the latter-day, more sinister version of President Nixon.
Which means that America should skip all of the exhaustive and costly hearings before Congress, the appeals to the SCOTUS, and the emotional drain on we the people when it comes to adjudicating the crimes of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Let’s work smart for a change, and impeach this Marxist brat NOW, and save we the people the cost of re-inaugurating a felon to the high office of the presidency, only to be removed from office against his will later.

Impeach and remove Barack Obama from office before he is re-inaugurated to the office for which he is unqualified by reason of incompetence, and compounded by his grievous high crimes and misdemeanors.

Obama must go—now!


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