Why Even Consider a “Path to Citizenship” for Invading Criminals?

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s latest ploy in the intended eradication of American Exceptionalism and dumbification of our culture, language, and legacy involves the legalization of millions of invading criminals who will vote for the candidate(s) that coughs up the most booty.

In other words, illegal aliens will universally support tax and spend liberals, those treasonous bastards who are not above buying votes with US taxpayer money.

Political ideology be damned!

Illegals from south of our borders do not give a hoot about US sovereignty, language, borders, history, culture or grandiose notions such as liberty, freedom, democracy, fairness, and other esoteric distractions.

Which makes the Democrat Party the perfect fit for invading criminals!

Its all about the goodies—food stamps, welfare, free health care, and cash. Mooching off the US taxpayer is a career path for illegals.

Unfortunately, the White House and the halls of Congress are stuffed with anti-rule of law creeps who share the illegal alien disdain for democratic principles, basic fairness, and rule of law.

Which is why the word amnesty is once again on the political agenda for those who hate America, including recent recruits on the Republican side of the aisle like Marco Rubio who join folks like Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and other stalwart RINOS who actually believe that Hispandering to invading criminals will persuade more Hispanics to support conservative candidates and principles in future elections.

Are you serious, RINOs?

Greedy invading criminals will always gravitate to the Marxists who will promise to redistribute wealth from US taxpayers to the criminal invaders!

Illegal immigration is, in fact, all about unlawful redistribution of wealth!

Conservative concepts such as lower taxes and spending, welfare reform, secure borders, smaller government and other pro-American notions are not now, and never will be, winning themes for attracting the entitlement mooches who come here by the tens of millions from third-world disasters south of our borders.

With our nation more than $ 16 trillion is debt and growing, and with unemployment stuck on ugly, how does it make any sense whatsoever to legalize millions of criminal invaders, which only will inspire even millions more to invade?

Why are our politicians so GD determined to ruin America?

The latest proposed nonsense apparently would make millions of illegals illegal, including a “Path to Citizenship” for the invaders.

Sorry, Washington, but America does not need no ‘stinkin’ path to citizenship’ for invaders who have ignored our borders and laws!

Besides, there IS a path to citizenship already in place. Its called legal immigration.

Albeit, it involves more than jumping a fence and racing north to the nearest food stamp and welfare center.

Legal immigration requires background checks for medical, financial, and criminal histories that could pose a burden on American citizens.

What prevents Latinos, among others, from applying for citizenship just like any other person from any other part of the world?

How can America sanction illegal aliens from Mexico while rejecting refugees from Haiti?

Bottom line: There is a ‘path to citizenship’ already in place!

Those interested in coming to America need to respect our borders and laws AND wait their turn in line!

It’s the American way!


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