Edward Snowden: More Deserving of Death Penalty or Nobel Peace Prize?

NSA whisteblower
By John W. Lillpop

Edward Snowden caused quite a row over the weekend with his bombshell disclosures concerning the NSA surveillance program including what are presumed to be innocent American citizens.

Snowden expected a tsunami of outrage, panic, and controversy. He was not disappointed.

Reaction to the Snowden mea culpa varies wildly. For example, CFP contributor CLIFF KINCAID sees Snowden as am “enemy agent” in the referenced article in the CFP on June 10.


On the other hand, JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, of FOX NEWS, describes Snowden as an American hero:
I would describe this man as an American hero, as a person willing to risk life, limb and liberty in order to expose to the American people one of the most extraordinary violations of the American principles, value judgments and the constitution itself in all of our history.

A person so familiar with the intelligence community, as you heard from the excerpts that you just played. He’s aware of the personal danger to himself. He knows of the likelihood of prosecution. But he also understands that the government listening to half the country is not what was bargained for when statutes were enacted in the days and weeks after 9/11.


Then there is LT. COL. RALPH PETERS who says:

Now you got this 29-year-old high school dropout whistle blower making foreign policy for our country, our security policy, and the guy — I think it’s sad, we’ve made treason cool. Betraying your country is kind of a fashion statement. He wants to be the national security Kim Kardashian, he cites Bradley Manning as a hero. I mean, we need to get very, very serious about treason and oh, by the way, for treason, as in the case of Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, you bring back the death penalty. (FOX & Friends, June 10, 2013)


The one thing every one seems to agree on is that Snowden hit a very, very raw nerve.

Given the arbitrary, partisan nature of the Nobel Peace Prize in recent years, perhaps Snowden will join Barack Obama as among the most unworthy nominess for that coveted award?

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California


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