Amnesty Will Add Tens of Millions of Assimilation-phobic Foreigners to Democrat Party!

By John W. Lillpop

RINOs such as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, and Marco Rubio justify their support for invaders who have violated our borders and ignored our laws with the notion that, once invaders are legalized through amnesty, they will be so grateful for the GOP welcome mat AND so impressed with the conservative agenda that they will flock to the Republican Party by the millions, leaving the Democrats and their tawdry entitlements like food stamps, welfare, and other bribes, in the dust.

Good luck with that, you RINO weasels!

Fact of the matter is that those whom become legal through amnesty will, when able to vote, support the politicians who keep the gravy train going—that would be the Democrats!

Unless Messrs. Graham, McCain, and Rubio are willing to extend entitlements to former invaders with the same robust disregard for economic reality as Democrats! It will take that to maintain any sort of loyalty from illegals converted to citizens.

As to the preservation of American culture and language, RINOs are stunningly naïve!

Fact is, most illegals are assimilation-phobic socialists who come here not for freedom and liberty, but rather for the dollars and cents! The tax-payer funded booty, mate!

Just as we Americans are convinced that our culture and language is superior, so it is that the Mexican invader believes that Spanish and Mexican culture are superior to the American way of life.

Which is why they hesitate in great numbers to assimilate into American culture.

Thus, the only thing that amnesty will do is add tens of millions of Assimilation-phobic Foreigners to the Democrat Party!

And why would any REAL conservative want to do that?


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