ObamaCare May Cut Constitutional Muster..But It Still Sucks!


By John W. Lillpop

As Obamacare continues to turn America’s health care system into a gigantic sink hole which affirms the utter and complete uselessness of big government, one is stuck by the pertinent question: What the hell did you expect?

After all, ObamaCare is the brain child of a naïve, untalented Marxist who literally hates the concepts of free markets and capitalism.

Mind you, he does not understand them, but he has been brainwashed into hating wealth and power held by anyone other than his egomaniacal self.

Indeed, The One believes that government is supposed to protect citizens, and illegal aliens as well, from the ravages of those who seek profit for providing services and goods which, he believes, are the birthright of all who can still breath, and might soon be able to, sans those slated for extermination by pro-choice baby killers.

Adding to the power of Obama’s delusional dementia is the fact that we the people installed a Congress headed by ultra-liberals Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, neither of whom has the good sense to come in out of the rain, much less run 1/6th of the US economy.

Nancy Pelosi famously declared that Obamacare had to be passed so that we could find out what is in it! And she was actually Speaker of the US House?

Are you serious? Only because she ran in San Francisco, was Pelosi able to sneak into the US Congress! 

Well, Nancy, now we know and everyone is aghast that this train wreck could actually be the law! 

ObamaCare is soooooooo bad that even labor unions, once proud advocates of the unchecked tyranny tandem of Obama-Biden, now scream that Obamacare will bring ruin to organized labor.

Dare we say, we told you so? 

To Big Labor: Take your bloody crying towels and uninsured millions to Nancy Pelosi’s mansion in San Francisco or to Obama’s $7.6 million luxury vacation palace in Martha’s Vineyard, or to Harry Reid’s hiding place in the back rooms of Las Vegas gambling houses!

Democrats: You own Obamacare, and you deserve to!

Praise be to the Lord that not even one Republican voted to enact the wretched bull**** known as ObamaCare!


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