Have You Heard? The Abomination Called Obamacare Is Now THE Law!


By John W. Lillpop

How amusing to watch left-wing fools like Harry Reid try to shame Republicans into complying with the Marxist rubbish known as Obamacare!

It is, after all, the law of the land, Progressives shout with indignation at those who continue to resist turning 16 percent of the US economy over to ding bats like Nancy Pelosi and corrupt communists like Barack Obama.

The obvious reply is, “So WHAT?” 

The rule of law means nothing to Democrats when it comes to the tens of millions of non-English speaking peasants who have invaded America from south of our borders, and whom are here for the free food, shelter, health care, education, and other booty!

Rule of law you say? What about Obama’s violation of the law when he ruled that the will of Congress was irrelevant when it comes to deporting invading criminals– and likely Democrats?

What about Obama willfully ignoring the War Powers Act when it came to the Tomahawk missiles he ordered fired into Libya?

Face it: The Rule of law is all but dead in America thanks to the worst president in US history—Barack Obama!

We the people are entitled to ignore Obamacare which will cost millions of American jobs and establish another unsustainable entitlement for people too stupid or lazy to survive on their own.

Obamacare: Ignore it now, on October 1, and forever!


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