Pre-Existing Conditions NOT Covered by Obamacare!

By John W. Lillpop

Among the dwindling number of Democrat politicians who still take questions about, and openly advocate in favor of, Obamacare (none of whom, incidentally, faces reelection in 2014), defending the greatest political failure in American history is usually focused on one narrow argument: Pre-existing conditions are now covered.

Never mind that one cannot safely navigate the snake pit known as the Obamacare web site without exposing one’s self to identity theft, fraud, and permanent financial ruin, with, or without, the help of a convicted felon; forget the doubling or trebling of premiums, deductibles, and co-payments; fret not over the fact that those plans and doctors which until recently met your needs so perfectly have been jettisoned to the dust bin of medical garbage by the genius minds of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebelius, and Barack Obama, and are no longer available.

None of that matters now that your unaffordable and unacceptable health care plan is in the shaky hands of Democrat politicians who do not give a damn about you or your needs, but whom are quite content as long as adequate coverage is provided for illegal aliens, victims of sexual identity confusion, and other low-information dull bulbs who can always be counted on to vote for any and all Democrats!

After all, your heart health and ability to fight off cancer, diabetes, and other major diseases is dramatically less important than allowing those so inclined to swap their genital endowments for alternative sexual arrangements, without the nagging burden of excessive out-of-pocket costs!

And to Hades with God!

As it turns out, therefore, pre-existing conditions have brought America to her knees with Obamacare.

Indeed, the following pre-conditions dwell in the hearts and minds of all progressives who favor Obamacare:

Addiction to Marxism;

Anti-freedom phobia;

Congenital stupidity;

Compulsion to steal from Paul to Pay Pedro;

Blindness— to truth and light.

None of the aforementioned is covered by Obamacare, although each can result in certain death!


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