By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama surprised some pundits with his relatively low-key State of the Union Speech Tuesday night. He was expected to be far more confrontational and partisan in what was supposed to be the opening salvo for control of Congress this November.

Instead, Obama was morbidly obsessed with repeating old themes and promises from previous SOU speeches, promises which he will surely be unable to deliver on in 2014.

But perhaps Obama deserves a bit of slack?

After all, it is not at easy to deliver a fire and brimstone attack with a great deal of sincerity when your approval numbers are seriously underwater, and when the public is evenly divided as to whether or not the President is even honest and trustworthy!

What to say when 63 percent of the unwashed masses do not trust the President’s judgment?

How much shouting and stomping can a defiant Community Organizer get away with when his “signature”  legislation, Marxist health care, has crashed and burned in such spectacular fashion?

The truth is that Obama’s placid, lack-luster SOU performance is the product of his awful performance while president.

All of which confirms one inconvenient truth: When it comes to being an effective President, “Clean and Articulate” is not nearly enough!


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