Millions of Uninsured Already Here: Why Is Obama Pushing for Illegals?

By John W. Lillpop
One of the most distressing truths about Barack Obama is that he is oblivious to the overall welfare of America and its citizens, opting instead to cater, pander, and otherwise grovel before illegal aliens, folks with no legal or moral basis for being here.
As excellent example is Obama’s wanton disregard for America when it comes to immigration policies and the Affordable Care Act.
ACA was passed with the contention that America could absorb, on the backs of taxpayers, 30 million uninsured Americans while reducing overall medical costs!
Barack’s second-grade math is more than just awful education.  Even worse, the man is guilty of manipulating data and statistics to willfully deceive the public into believing that Obamacare can actually work.
The exact opposite has proven to be true as is widely known and conceded by even the most partisan screwballs, save Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
Obamacare is NOT affordable, and definitely does NOT reduce medical costs.
Now that that fact is established, why in the world would Obama seek to add to the carnage by pushing for legalization of 30 million illegals, most of whom are uninsured?
The answer is simple: IT’S the VOTES STUPID!
By granting invaders amnesty and opening the vaults of the US Treasury to said miscreants, Obama seeks to make illegals the dominant force in American politics!
For generations, if he gets his way!
Remember: It’s the Votes, stupid!

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