Barbara Bush Got It Right: America Does Not Need Another Bush President!

By John W. Lillpop

GW Bush, the last of the Bush clan to occupy the Oval Office, did considerable damage to the culture and sovereignty of America with his adamant refusal to enforce the nation’s borders and immigration laws. In fact, so short-sighted was Bush-43 that, even after the Islamic terrorist attack of 9/11, he blithely refused to take control of the US borders, preferring instead to pursue the odd view that illegal aliens are generally “good-hearted, hard working” amigos whom should be welcomed, rather than deported, notwithstanding the rule of law and well being of US citizens.

Under W’s flawed stewardship, the illegal alien problem in America grew even more devastating, as millions of non-English speaking peasants came, unwelcome and uninvited, to the US.

GW Bush’s dereliction of duty set the table for Barack Obama, the current tyrant in chief, who has taken the unlawful decimation of America even further by using Executive Orders to circumvent codified immigration law.

Unfortunately, yet another Bush is making noises about running for the presidency, and is promising to continue the legacy of lawless governance established by his brother and Barack Obama

That would be Jeb Bush, the alleged “smart” Bush brother, whose latest blathering on the inherent moral superiority of illegal aliens is almost too idiotic to believe.

This loosely-wrapped Bush actually exceeded the foolishness of his brother by declaring that illegal aliens are engaging in “acts of love;”— guilty of breaking the law, yes, but worthy nonetheless, because their crimes are not felonies!

Imagine that, a “responsible” adult running for political office whom is willing to overlook the invasion of America and decimation of American culture, rule of law, and sovereignty because the miscreants are not guilty of felonies!

Of course, many illegal aliens do commit felonies while here, some come here with criminal backgrounds.

However, because they come illegally, they avoid the rigid scrutiny required to detect criminal records, links to terrorism, medical issues, and financial instability which those following the law are subjected to.

In other words, Jeb Bush, you do not know squat about tens of millions of illegal aliens, other than anecdotal musings from family members born and raised in Mexico.

Still, according to the mindless Jeb Bush, because they are mostly Hispanic, these people about whom we know nothing are to be considered as acting out of “love” and, therefore, exempt from the rule of law!


A great country must defend its borders aggressively and take action to forcibly remove illegal aliens promptly.

As to another Bush for president campaign, listen to the wise counsel of your mother whom was reported as saying:“His mother, Barbara Bush, told C-Span in January that she hopes her son does not run. “If we can’t find more than two or three families to run for high office, that’s silly,” she said. “I think that the Kennedys, Clintons, Bushes—there are just more families than that.”
In other words, Jeb, America simply does not need another Bush in the White House!

Do Not Run!


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