Illegal Alien “Love”: All About Family, or American Booty? 

By John W. Lillpop

If one were to take Jeb Bush seriously— something even he is too intelligent to do— one might ask :Why does illegal alien “love” always flow toward the vast riches found in America?

If it is genuinely “love” of family as Jeb Bush contends with a straight face, rather than obsession with DINERO, free health care, free education, welfare, food stamps, and other American booty, why are the illegals always headed here?

If love of family is so powerful among illegals, why in the hell are they so willing to leave their beloved in Mexico in the first place. 

Furthermore, if the Latino “love of family” trait is real, why does Mexico treat illegal-alien Latinos from Guatemala and other nations south of its borders with such inhumane contempt?

Why is there not a great migration of illegal alien Latinos from the US back to Mexico, all in the interest of love of family?

Bottom line: Jeb Bush and his “Illegal Alien Love” theory is just another example of uncontrolled  insanity from the Bush clan!


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