Obama’s Progressive Insanity: Lawyers, Not Marines, to Deal with Border Crisis!


By John W. Lillpop

The saga of Barack Obama versus the Constitution, the rule of law, the US Congress, and 330 million more or less normal Americans continues to grow more bizarre and surreal with each passing day, fueled by Obama’s head-first descent into the abyss of emotional and mental insolvency.

In terms of legacy, the only remaining question concerning Barack Hussein Obama is: Will the 44th US President be impeached and removed from office for high crimes and misdemeanors? Or, will he be declared unfit, mentally and/or emotionally, and removed pursuant to the 25th Amendment?

Either way, Obama’s severally- diminished capacity will surely continue to haunt the lives of all good people, benefiting only murderous GITMO terrorists released in exchange for treasonous US military deserters, AND immigration chaos as Obama- favored non-English speaking illegal aliens are welcomed to conquer America and remake same in the image of Che Guevara.

Pundits of all political persuasions were still gasping in amazement at the Obama decision to free five Taliban killers for un-American loser Bowe Bergdahl when The One decided to deal with the “urgent humanitarian crisis” at the border, a crisis created solely by and for Obama himself, by sending lawyers, rather than Marines, to the border.

With American sovereignty, culture, and homeland security on the line, why did this president elect to send lawyers rather than Marines to deal with thousands of invading juveniles?

Chalk it up to another instance of Obama taking care to milk every possible disadvantage to the US out of a choreographed crisis.

Or, more bluntly, progressive insanity, on steroids!


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