World Cup? Cup of What?



By John W. Lillpop

As a red-blooded American patriot and right-wing Jingoist, I find the news headlines these days most disconcerting. Everywhere you go,  it is cup this, cup that, and on and on.

My question is, Cup of what? 

From what little I am able to glean from the news headlines, this Cup nonsense is all about opposing gangs of ruffians from all over the world chasing a little ball up and down a grass field for hours on end, with little or nothing of substance to show for it, except for hundreds of thousands of angry, very drunk fans.

Just what is the bloody point of getting all exercised about a “sport” that ends with no winners or no losers? 

A game that ends tied 1-1? Why bother?

Imagine the world reaction if the 2013 Superbowl  had  forced the public to watch four plus hours of boring, no-action football between Denver and Seattle and  ended tied at 0-0?

Again, what is the bloody point?

In my view, soccer is much like religion gone amuck in many European and Latin American nations. 

How else to explain the fact that people actually riot and kill other human beings simply because of doings on some damn grass field involving a ball that players keep kicking back and forth?

Such extreme behavior is found only in religion and soccer.

Besides, who really gives a roaring freak if Britain has a better soccer team than the U.S.? 

We are still number one in matters that really count, despite six years plus  of incompetence and abuse by a Marxist president and Congress.

World Cup? 

Nah, give me the Baltimore Ravens against the St. Louis Rams and a 70-inch plasma television. Throw in a case  or two of Bud, and you have the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the best tradition of American patriots!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California


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