Hispanic Racist Linda Sanchez Continues to Play Racial Politics!

By John W. Lillpop

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Ca) recently spoke out about the current border crisis with typical vitriol and race baiting when she said that those opposed to the current illegal invasion taking place on our southern border are “nativist” and “isolationist.”

Sanchez has a long and scandalous history of accusing those who defend American sovereignty and history as racists.

Moreover, Sanchez’ personal abuse of race is well documented, as in 1996 when she ran for the US House against Conservative Bob Dornan. Her name at the time was Loretta Brixey, which she changed to Loretta Sanchez, to take advantage of rampant Hispanic racism in Southern California.

Her criminal tactic succeeded as enough illegal aliens cast ballots to fraudulently elect Sanchez. Regrettably, even back then,  gutless Republicans pandered to Hispanics and refused to invalidate Sanchez’ electoral thievery.

Linda Sanchez:  Still playing the Race card since 1996!


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