Ferguson Rioters Should Be Classified as Terrorists!

By John W. Lillpop
As Barack Obama and Eric Holder conspire to blame local police for the mayhem and chaos which have consumed the streets of Ferguson, they have cleverly glommed onto the term “Civil rights” as cover to discredit white police while ignoring, or forgiving, the looting, riots, Molotov cocktails, shootings, death threats, and other lunacy perpetrated by blacks, or as Eric Holder would say, “My people.”
His people, indeed!
In fact, the unruly mobs in Ferguson should be classified as “terrorists,” akin to the Hamas thugs who recently tried, unsuccessfully, to drive Israel into the sea with rockets manufactured in Iran and fired from Gaza.
By accurately labeling the mobsters as “terrorists,” the United States government would then be fully justified in deploying drones and other weapons needed to protect law-abiding citizenry, and their property, from the ravages of the New Black Panthers and other black-eccentric organizations fiercely intent on destroying American society and culture, mostly because of white origins.
Of course both Barack Obama and Eric Holder are sympathetic to the New Black Panthers and their terrorist ways, with little or no regard for American history and culture, particularly when it comes to white origins.
How tragic that Barack Obama’s promise to usher in the “post-racial” era has instead devolved into a race war!



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