Idiotic, False Narratives Pushed by Left-Wing Spin Doctors!

By John W. Lillpop
The presidency of Barack Obama has seen an unprecedented proliferation of screwy ideas, outright lies, and nonsense by administration officials, in cahoots with brain-dead liberals in the media.
Among the more outrageous:
( )Unilateral presidential action via Executive Orders is completely Constitutional and the morally-correct thing to do when Republicans in Congress refuse to implement the agenda of the president;  
( )The war on terror is over. Period. Thus, there is no need to think in terms of vanquish or victory;
( )Presidential power includes a cell phone and pen, instruments not available to lesser officials;
( )Confronting the Islamic State in Iraq is the “right” war, made necessary by W’s “dumb” war;
( )The Iraq war is among the greatest achievements of the Obama administration;
( )The “inherited” Bush depression ended as a result of the Obama-inspired “Summer of Recovery”;
( )The U.S.-Mexico border has never been so secure;
( )The world has never been less violent;
( )Covering 30 million heretofore uninsured people with ObamaCare will lower overall health costs, improve the quality of health care, and eat away at the federal deficit;
( )Bankrupting the coal industry is a legitimate function of the federal government as identified in the Constitution; 
( )In the rich tradition of conservative leaders, Sarah Palin is a blithering idiot without the native intelligence of a Mama Grizzly, whereas Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant moralist whose spiritual insights into abortion and gay marriage would be of immense value to the Catholic Church, if only the Pope and Fathers of the Church would listen;
( )Death Panels, as set forth  in ObamaCare, are urgently needed to help GOD manage the explosion of life-death decisions attendant with the aging of baby boomers;
( )Barack Obama is uniquely qualified by virtue of intellect, judgment, and temperament to unite America past hundreds of years of bitter racial rancor;
( )Paying higher taxes is the patriotic thing to do;
( )Tea Party members are rigid racists, whereas members of the NAACP and La Raza are color-blind patriots who thrive on diversity and tolerance;
( )Mexico is a valued and trustworthy friend of America;
( )Voter fraud exists only among Republican candidates and voters; whereas, public service volunteers like those affiliated with ACORN are vital to protecting the right to vote, without regard to superfluous details like registration, immigration status, criminal background, and other unconstitutional pap designed solely to disenfranchise people of color;
( )Money is the antithesis of Democratic elections, except when an inexperienced, but wealthy, community organizer needs $750 million dollars or so to promote the audacity of hope and untold trillions in unneeded CHANGE:
( )There are “only” 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S, all of whom contribute heavily to America’s economy, homeland security, language, and culture; and
( )Health Care reform is a BFD!



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