The Donald’s Terrific Offer to The One!

John W. Lillpop
On the day after Barack Obama’s dismal speech concerning ISIS, many Americans are desperately in search for a solution to the O problem….the Obama problem.
Surely we can do better. By now it is clear to all who will see, that Barack Obama is unsuited to be Commander-in-Chief of the United States, or to be in any position of influence that requires native intelligence and at least some common sense.
Taking responsibility is just not Obama’s strong suit—he much prefers blaming others for all bad things.
What to do? How are we supposed to survive the challenges of ISIS, Vladimir Putin, and Mexican illegals with Obama in the Oval Office?
Is there no hope?
Alas, from the great Donald Trump comes a solution that may save America and our democracy.
As reported:
After Barack Obama was turned down by numerous golf clubs in NY over Labor Day weekend including one of Donald Trump’s clubs, the billionaire has offered Obama free golf for life if the golf-a-holic president resigns office, effective immediately.
FREE GOLF for life, Barack!  Just gather Michelle and your daughters and vacate the Oval Office NOW, and a lifetime of free golf is yours!
By getting the hell out now, The Donald may even arrange another phony “peace prize” for your sorry self!
GO AWAY, Barack!

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