There ARE Blessings to Give Thanks For!

By John W. Lillpop

Even in these dreary times when Americans live under the reign of an incompetent, anti-American, and felonious liar posing as President of the United States, there are still blessings worthy of giving thanks for!

Admittedly, one must scratch and search like mad to find any aspect of American life that Barack Hussein Obama has not ruined, or made significantly worse.

However, two come immediately to mind:

1. Thanks be to God that Barack Obama is not a twin,
and has no male offspring to which he can bequeath his ruinous tyranny!

2. Praise be to God for the 22nd Amendment to the US
Constitution which, if left unaltered over the next two years, will terminate the Obama presidency on January 20, 2017, thereby providing bountiful blessings to America and the entire world.

And so shout out with joy, HAPPY THANKSGIVING—despite Barack Hussein Obama!


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