Camelot Would Be Appalled at Obama’s Tyranny and Unlawful Decrees!

By John W. Lillpop
Former President and American patriot John Fitzgerald Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave at the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Barack Obama in ever-increasing frequency and blatant disregard for law.
Kennedy must feel particular pain at The One’s latest decree which seeks to normalize relations between the US and the communist murderers, oppressors, and enemies of freedom whom have inflicted so much agony, suffering and death on the Cuban people over the past 50 plus years.
Consider the brutal irony: The president of the United States has assumed  unconstitutional dictatorial powers in order to unilaterally legitimatize the Castro regime which allowed the Soviet Union to locate nuclear missiles on Cuban soil less than 100 miles from the US mainland.
The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 damn near resulted in a nuclear holocaust brought on by the machinations of  communist dictator Fidel Castro and Soviet leaders. Only good luck and the steel nerves of JFK ended the conflict without a nuclear cloud haunting America.
Once again, our  addled community organizer has demonstrated his complete lack of American values and disdain for history. His actions are a disgrace to the memories of JFK and an affront to the decent people of Cuba whom are forced to live in bondage to the tyranny of communism.
Shame on you, Barack Obama, for moving the Bay of Pigs into the Oval Office!

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