More Offensive: Confederate Flag or Illegal Aliens Flying Mexican Flag?

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most revolting and disgusting traits of liberals is their insatiable appetite for tearing down anything American in order to build up anti-American sentiment and people.

The ongoing  hysteria over the Confederate Flag is an excellent example.

As current events make clear, most liberals have nothing but contempt for one the most lasting and cherished symbols of the South. Liberals routinely  label those who respect and revere the Confederate Flag as red-necked racists and hate mongers.

To far too many liberals, diversity is a terrific concept, except when it spawns tolerance for ideas and practices that the left opposes.
When it comes to southern values and culture, including symbols of the Confederacy, liberals reject the very notion of diversity and tolerance.

Long live liberal  hypocrisy  and intolerance!

Amazingly enough, those same self-righteous moon bats who are so anxious to disembowel American citizens for flying the Confederate Flag will defend millions of illegal aliens who take over our streets while boasting the Mexican flag!

If ever there was a flag that should be banned in America, it is the flag of Mexico, our third-world neighbors who dump their cast off  peasants on the U.S. side of the border for American taxpayers to feed, house, educate, and provide medical care for.

Bottom Line: Give me a red necked American citizen with a Confederate Flag any day over an invading, foreigner with a Mexican flag!
After all, by definition, red necks ARE Americans!
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Lame Ducks Should Stay Off High Horses!

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Should States Fight Government Refusal to Secure Borders with Obama-Style Logic?


By John W. Lillpop

In his specious argument for ‘making and breaking immigration law’ from that lofty tyrant’s perch in the Oval Office, Barack Obama asserts that his unilateral Executive Orders are needed, and even morally mandated, because the law-making branch of government endowed with the Constitutional  authority to legislate(the US Congress) has failed to do so.

Left unstated is Obama’s heretical notion that Congress’ refusal to pass a law which grants unconditional amnesty to  tens of millions of foreign invaders(future Democrat voters each and every one!) is sufficient cause for shredding the Constitution and ignoring Congress.

In other words, according to The One, “Congress must pass laws that meet with my exacting approval. Otherwise, I am justified in acting unilaterally, and against the wishes of both the Congress and the people to implement that which is, in my sole judgment, the right and moral thing to do.”

And let the US Constitution go straight to hell!

Of course, such a crazy notion runs absolutely contrary to the concepts of balance of power, checks and balances, and other anti-tyrant safeguards built into our Constitution.

But one must forgive Obama for being somewhat fuzzy about the details of a document that he regards as ‘old school’ and riddled with racist views promulgated by long- since dead white Christians fond of owning  black slaves and employing an abundance of unregulated firearms to control reluctant slaves!

After all, The One  is but a community organizer, albeit with credentials as a Constitutional scholar and one who actually taught Constitutional law.

While those credentials may seem impressive, one must not underestimate the inherent ability of the liberal-infested mind to distort and destroy truth, particularly when such is perceived as an obstacle to fulfillment of liberal dogma, regardless of how dangerous.

But perhaps the border states of Texas, Arizona, and others who suffer the greatest harm from the invasion of US sovereign land by non-English speaking illiterates should adopt a version of ‘Obama logic’ to defend and protect their citizens?

Perhaps the governors of Texas and Arizona and others should send  National Guard and other armed state forces to the borders and command such forces to use force as needed to stop the wave of invasions that threaten homeland security and the economic and cultural well being of their citizens?

Such orders would be amply justified by the fact that the federal government, Barack Obama, is not acting to defend US citizens from foreign invasions as required by the Constitution?

Such actions by any governor would be just as legitimate as Obama’s foolish Executive Orders!
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Obama’s Wretched Week Ends with “Death to America” Rally in Iran!

By John W. Lillpop

Talk about a tough week for America’s cognitively dysfunctional community organizer!

To begin with, patriotic and otherwise sane Israelis ignored Obama’s offensive meddling in their elections and instead voted in the best interests of the Jewish state and its six million residents.  In a landslide victory described as “Against all odds,” the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed, securing an unprecedented 4th term for the feisty Bibi.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) added to The One’s misery by putting the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General off until probably mid-April, thereby leaving the Department of Justice in the unjust, racist hands of Eric Holder until at least then.

Finally, Obama turned to You Tube in a feeble attempt to  use his vaunted charm and charisma to gather support from the Iranian people during the festival of Norwuz, the Persian New Year.

As reported, Iran’s lead Mullah was not amused:

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday ruled out any cooperation with the United States in the troubled Middle East, saying talks with Washington are confined to nuclear issues.
In a closely watched speech marking the Persian new year festival of Nowruz, Khamenei took steps to quell speculation that any nuclear deal with the West could lead to a wider rapprochement.
“No way,” he told a raucous crowd in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad, on the chances of an agreement on Iran’s atomic program having other policy implications.
“Negotiations with the United States are on the nuclear issue and nothing else,” he said.
“US objectives on regional matters are the opposite to our objectives,” Khamenei said, accusing Washington of creating instability in Syria, Libya and Egypt.
His remarks were greeted by chants of “Death to America” from the tightly packed thousands who gathered to hear him speak.
Khamenei’s comments appeared to be a blunt rejection of overtures made by US President Barack Obama that a nuclear deal could lead to cooperation in the Middle East, chiefly against Islamic State jihadists in Iraq and Syria.”

Thus ends Obama’s wretched  week which started with an aborted death wish for Israel and concluded with “Death to America”chants in the terrorist capitol of the world!

That man Obama certainly seems to have a world-class knack for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time!

Happy New Year, anybody???

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Champagne on Ice in Tehran and Washington, D.C. as Israelis Head to Polls!

By John W. Lillpop
Elections in Israel on March 17 will be watched with great anticipation, and at least some angst, throughout the world as embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu faces voters in what could be the most crucial election in the Jewish state’s history.
Polls taken most recently suggest that Netanyahu is facing a formidable challenge from moderate Isaac Herzog and could actually be defeated.  Such a defeat would be a horrendous blow to the future of Israel and all of the Middle East as Netanyahu stands alone in understanding the severe threat represented by Iran and its nuclear ambitions.
Should Netanyahu be defeated, gala celebrations will immediately break out in Tehran and Washington, D.C. two smoldering hotbeds of anti-Semitism, pro-Islamic sentimentality.
Partying would be especially “hard” in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania where Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett would lead the way in popping the champagne corks to celebrate the end of Zionism and the concurrent nuclear arming of the world’s most vile state sponsor of terrorism.
For Obama, Bibi’s defeat would be particularly gratifying in light of Bibi’s address to a Joint Session of Congress on March 3 in which the Israeli PM once again warned of the dangers in trusting Iran for anything.
Lost in the cheering and laughter will be the brutal truth: Acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran will start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and could well provoke a nuclear confrontation in the area.
Still, it is all worth while in furtherance of the Obama legacy—right?
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Shooting in Ferguson:  Eric Holder “Dismantling” of Police Begins!

By John W. Lillpop

Two police officers are in “serious condition” after being shot by protesters in Ferguson, Missouri as Eric Holder and Barack Obama apply the full thrust of the US government behind their effort to undermine the rule of law and police authority, particularly as exercised by Caucasians.

The latest violence appears attributable to the inability of Holder and Obama to satiate local lust for the blood of former Police Officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting death of Michael Brown, so-called Gentle Giant, also inconveniently known for convenience store burglary and bullying.

Much to their dismay, Holder and Obama were unable to deliver Wilson’s 2 head on a platter as had been promised to the “Hands Up—Don’t Shoot” lying racists.

Indeed, even after several months of thorough investigation, America’s self-appointed Black Avengers, Holder and Obama, were forced to admit that the “Hands-up” narrative was a concoction of black racists, and that the white Police officer was not guilty of anything more serious than being a white man with a badge in a predominately black community.

Undeterred by their failure to utterly destroy Darren Wilson, Holder and Obama decided to redeem themselves with Ferguson’s black brothers and sisters by vilifying and persecuting the Ferguson police department.

Thus, Holder orchestrated an investigation which found that the city used police as a collection agency, citing traffic citations to black residents to boost city coffers through fines, creating a “toxic environment.”

In a fitting tribute to anarchy and gerrymandering of civil unrest, last Friday Holder said that the Department of Justice would use its full authority to demand police reforms in Ferguson, including possibly “dismantling” the department.

On Thursday morning, Holder’s “dismantling” was put in motion by vigilantes intent on breaking the yoke of rule of law, when practiced by white people.

Yet again, race relations in America have been made intolerably worse by two black men in power, both of whom hate white people and America!

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Senator Menendez & Hillary Clinton Grow Dem Circle of Corruption!

By John W. Lillpop
As if it were not bad enough having a lawless, corrupt, scandal-battered president in the Oval Office, the Democrat Party continues to foul other parts of the body politic with unprecedented sleaze and rot.
Example: This week the “inevitability queen” of 2008 and presumptive favorite of the Democrats for the 2016 presidential nomination is mired in a scandal involving mishandling of government e-mails, possibly including classified information, while “serving”  as Secretary of State in the corrupt Obama administration.
Hillary Rodham Clinton may have violated federal law by using her personal equipment and technology for transmitting and receiving US government information, a felony that may find the Benghazi escapee headed for a jail cell, rather than the Oval Office, in the ensuing months.
Hillary’s tainting of the Democrat brand has been aggravated by alleged abuses committed by Robert Menendez, US Senator from New Jersey.
As reported:
The Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal corruption charges against New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat, alleging he used his Senate office to push the business interests of a Democratic donor and friend in exchange for gifts.
Menendez supporters counting on Eric Holder and/or Barack Obama to save Menendez from the rule of law, remember that the New Jersey Senator has been the most vocal Democrat to  point out the idiocy of the Obama plot to arm Iran with nuclear weapons!
Good luck, Robert, cause you gonna need it!
John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California
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