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While Obama Dithers, Romney Rushes to Be With Suffering Victims of Issac!

  By John W. Lillpop Just hours after accepting the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama for the U.S. Presidency, Mitt Romney hit the ground running by visiting storm-ravaged-areas of New Orleans to lend words of comfort and encouragement … Continue reading

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Of Fairy Dust and the Vaunted Obama Kill of Osama bin Laden!

By John W. Lillpop Barack Obama’s singular claim to foreign policy success is based on the myth that, with the president and key staff providing step-by-step instructions, heroic Navy SEALS engaged Osama bin Laden in a fire fight which cost … Continue reading

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Just How EXTREME Is Mitt Romney?

  By John W. Lillpop As Mitt Romney gains momentum in his quest to represent the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential elections, he finds himself in the cross hairs of progressives who will go to extreme lengths to extend … Continue reading

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Time for Nancy Pelosi to Fulfill Promise to “Drain Swamp”—By Retiring!

    By John W. Lillpop Remember when Nancy Pelosi preached with righteous indignation about the need to “Drain the Swamp” in the U.S. House?   She was, of course, referring only to corruption and scandal involving Republicans. Indeed, Pelosi’s … Continue reading

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Are YOU Illogical Enough to Be a Liberal?

    By John W. Lillpop To those undecided between committing suicide and becoming a liberal,please consider the inconsistency and irrational thinking neededto embrace the liberal agenda: * Execution of a convicted killer is cruel, unusual and barbaric;whereas a woman’s … Continue reading

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On November 6, African-Americans Must Choose Between Jesus Christ & Barack Obama!

    By John W. Lillpop African-Americans are among the most passionate and devout Christians in America. Their loyalty to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is legendary, made all the more remarkable given the persecution and brutal discrimination that these people … Continue reading

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      By John W. Lillpop As We the People prepare to vote in what may be the most vital election in our history, it is well that we be reminded of the huge stakes involved, and, most importantly, … Continue reading

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